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My Dad died of cancer in a nursing home. He was in a partial coma when I visited him before that day came. We had come down from Queensland to Wagga Wagga, his birthplace. I was wondering where he was in terms of his relationship with Christ. And yes, the thought crossed my mind as to where he would be going when he died. Would he be going to hell? And how would I share with him now?

As I stood in the room by his bed, Julie suggested that I sing to him. I began to sing softly the hymn "How great Thou art". (I had given him a tape (before CDs came into being) of me singing a number of Christian songs that I thought might speak to him. Afterwards my mum told me that he used to play this tape a lot). As I stood there by the bed, I sensed the presence of God fall, and my father began singing from somewhere in the depths of his coma "How great Thou art! How great Thou art!" He couldn't communicate to me, but he could sing!...

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