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We were standing in line to go into Church. It was a long line and we had to wait for some time for the doors to be opened. Although the auditorium seated 1,500 people, some people would have to come to the next service or sit in a "bad seat". You had to get to Church early to get a "good seat" (3 or 4 rows back from the front right hand side). I often wonder about those who miss out on good seats and whether I really need to find a good seat and then give it to someone else who doesn't have one. Being a Christian brings such conflict when it comes to anything that resembles selfishness.

Anyway, as we stood in line, my wife was ahead of me a couple of spaces and a man had cornered her in conversation. He was a strange character, unshaven and loud and Julie was obviously uncomfortable at the attention he was giving her. She said that he was "chatting her up" at the top of his voice. I didn't think much about it at the time. I just thought he was loud and a little offputting. I thought Julie would come back to me if she needed help.

Just then a young man with 2 young boys intentionally and as unobtrusively as possible stood between my wife and this man with his back to him, and the conversation had to be redirected elsewhere. This young man had obviously noticed my wife's plight and did something about it.

Julie said something to me later that made me realize that I HAD DISCONNECTED FROM THE WAY SHE WAS FEELING. She said she had felt insecure and was never quite sure whether I would tune in enough in order to rescue her from situations such as this when needed. DISCONNECTION big time!

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