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Has God ever told me "No"? Yes, many times. Was it easy? Never!

The hardest time was a long time ago. My first son, James Daniel, was born with severe heart defects. I knew that God could heal him and prayed daily for my son's healing. A year later, after open heart surgery, the Lord chose to take him. I had begged God and bargained with God saying things like, "If it is just a matter of someone going to heaven, then take me instead". But God said, "No". He took my son.

After the funeral when the shock had worn off and the pain of grief was setting in, I sat on the floor and cried out, "You promised not to give me more than I can bear, and this is more than I can bear!"

God immediately answered in His still small voice and said, "This is NOT more than you can bear, but it is AS MUCH as you can bear, and you can only bear it if you lean on Me!" The days after that, I did need to hold on to God with both hands just to keep my sanity.

I do not know why God did not heal my son but chose to take him to heaven, but I do know that God loves my son even more than I or his

father ever could, and He did what was best for everyone, although at the time it did not feel like it.

Source: Julie Ann Hood -Family Life Church

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