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Moving to Sydney from the Whitsunday's in Australia is like moving to a new country - it has a culture of it's own which is vastly different. Moving into a new ministry also has it's challenges and so I can identify with Abram as God brought him out of his comfort zone in Ur of the Chaldeans to the promised land. God says to me and to you today as he said to Abram in ages past "Do not be afraid, Abram, for I will protect you (or "I am Your shield" - NASB), and your reward will be great." And He calls us by name as He identifies with us personally.

Just before Easter I attended a training class to increase my skills in people centred ministry areas. I had SO MANY QUESTIONS. The trainer, Lillian, had so many qualifications and was able to draw on her years of experience, including her more recent work with Jewish Holocaust victims.

When Abram was told of the new territory he would be moving into and possessing as his own, he also had LOTS OF QUESTIONS. He asks in Genesis 15:8 "O Sovereign Lord, how can I be sure that I will actually possess it?"

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