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My fourth daughter Kezzi is struggling through some things lately; one of them is lying. She's an obvious liar too. A month or so ago, someone left the milk out. Not a huge thing in itself, but Kezzi isn't supposed to pour the milk. Now that complicates it. I call all of the girls together and ask who did it. No one confesses it, but Kezzi doesn't have a good poker face. I knew it was her, but I had to know for sure. So I did what I had to: "All of you are grounded from TV and video games until I find out who did it." Kezzi went upstairs and played. The other girls were furious; they knew it was her, but as Kezzi smiled and played and joked with them, they were being punished for something they didn't do.

As Jesus is riding down this street, I wonder if that thought went through his mind. As the woman yelled "Save now!" did he think, "Why are you demanding of me when it's your fault I'm about to suffer?" As the man held his son in the air asking Jesus to heal him, did Jesus think, "I'm already doing all I'm doing for you, but it's not enough, is it?"

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