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Resisting the Temptation to Lie

It’s the only thing we can do when we can’t see ahead – follow the Lord step-by-step. That means doing what we know HE wants us to do, even if it doesn’t always make sense to us.

Jim George, in his book, God’s Man of Influence, talks about trying to sell a used boat trailer in the middle of winter. It was hardly 30 degrees outside, and no one was boating.

Then a potential buyer contacted George. The buyer was even willing to pay George’s asking price, but there was only one catch. The buyer wanted George to put only half the price of the trailer on the bill of sale. “That’s the way we do it in these parts,” the buyer explained. That way he would only have to pay half the state sales tax, which amounted to several hundred dollars.

George said, “My first thought was, I really want to sell that trailer, and if I say no, he might back out, and I may not find anyone else who’ll pay my asking price. If I agree, I’ll be lying—not to mention breaking the law—but who would know?” George said, “I knew what I should do, but still I was having this inner struggle.”

He told the buyer he was a Christian and couldn’t do anything illegal. The man went ahead and bought the trailer anyway, and George declared the full amount on the bill of sale, but he was prepared to lose the sale to be obedient to God’s standards. (Jim George, God’s Man of Influence, Harvest, 2003; www.Preaching

From a sermon by C. Philip Green, Living in Uncertain Times, 2/20/2010

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