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I remember when God called me to the ministry and I resigned my job. I was called to the Managing Director’s office, and he said, “I hear you are leaving us for the ministry?” “Yes”, I said. “Can I not persuade you to stay on with us?” “No”, I replied, a little taken aback by his suggestion. “What if we paid you more money?” I was honestly horrified; I used to respect this man, but my respect for him was sinking fast as I thought he was trying to tempt me away from God’s call. “No,” I said, “in fact they are paying me less money!” Now, he was the one who looked shocked, why would I leave a nice secure job to receive less money? Then he asked me, “Which ministry are you going to? Defence? Environment?” Now the penny dropped. He thought I was leaving to be a servant of the government, when I was in fact leaving to be the servant of God, and I’m glad to say no amount of money he offered would have changed my mind!! That is how it is when you take up the baton from Christ.

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