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Man Takes Pride in the Advances in Science and Technology

I love science and technology. Indeed, one of my favorite places in the entire world to visit is Cape Canaveral, Florida. This is the home of the NASA space shuttle launches. One can visit there and see all of the monuments to man’s ability with regard to science and aerospace technology. It is awe inspiring to imagine the ingenuity it has taken to make the space shuttle, man on the moon, space probes, the Mars rover, and the wondrous images that are produced by the Hubble deep space telescope. The images that come from the Hubble telescope allow us to peer deeply into history by looking at the light that takes incredible lengths of time to reach the earth. If the ability, ingenuity, and technology of the ancient builders of the tower of Babel were enough to swell them with pride, how much more susceptible to it are we?

From a sermon by Chris Surber, Babbling Builders, 6/3/2010

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