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Dan Betzer told about the old Burma Shave commercials alongside the roadside. Some of you remember how advertisers would use several well-placed slogans on signs to promote their product. Burma Shave was famous for their billboard advertisements. For example, one advertisement went like this: "Don't lose your head." Then down the road, you'd come to this sign, "to gain a minute." The next sign read, "you need your head." Next sign, "your brains are in it. Burma Shave." Or, "Brother Speeder...let's rehearse...all together...good morning, nurse. Burma Shave." How about this one: "The midnight ride...of Paul for beer...led to a warmer...atmosphere. Burma Shave." One more: "Around the curve...lickety split...beautiful car...wasn't it? Burma Shave."

There's probably not been a product so identified with its advertising as Burma Shave, unless it is Christians and the church. A man said to a pastor about a...

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