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Let’s think about this. Good equals Godly? Good equals spiritual? How exactly does being good and being spiritual parallel?

I give a man on the street a warm meal and a place to stay. That’s a good thing. How is giving a man a warm meal and a place to stay a spiritual thing?

It’s not a spiritual thing. It is a good thing. It is a thing we as Christians should do, in fact, it is a thing that we as Christians are called to do, but it is not a spiritual thing. I mean, if an atheist does exactly the same thing, if an atheist gives a man on the street a warm meal and a place to stay. Is the atheist now a spiritual man?

A spiritual atheist is an oxymoron.

You see, an atheist can do all the good in the world. An atheist can be the best man in the world, an atheist can achieve doing the most good ever done for human kind in the history of the world. But, all the good in the world will never, ever make an atheist a spiritual man. An atheist who does all the good in the world will never know God by doing good. He is an atheist after all, he imagines that God doesn’t exist.

Now hear this. Are you ready?

Being good, will not make you a spiritual man or a spiritual woman either. Good people don’t go to heaven. Good people are not spiritual people.

If I don’t lie, or cheat or steal. If I love all I meet, and if I am generous with the poor. Even if I exude kindness in all I do. None of this will get me into the kingdom of God, and like the atheist doing good, all those things will not make me a spiritual person.

Good works, being good, helping others is not what makes us know God, for a Christian good works are the result of knowing God.

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