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“No Need to Mention the Name!”

One day, crossing a New York City street, a woman became confused, and stepped directly in front of an approaching streetcar. People on both curbs were sick with horror at her sure fate, when a powerful man rushed forward and not only rescued her from the streetcar, but also carried her to safety on the sidewalk.

It was a miracle of bravery and quick thinking. A police officer said to the hero, “I’ll have to report this incident, sir, and I ought to mention your name for valor.”

“There will be no necessity for mentioning my name.” “But I must put down something, sir,” the police officer insisted. “Then,” smiled the hero, “just put down that a black man did it,” and with that he disappeared in the crowd.

A ripple of admiration went softly through the crowd. “A black man did it.” What modesty! What quiet dignity! What modesty! What quiet dignity! What an honor to the whole race of black men! The man was Dr. Robert R. Morton, President of Tuskeegee Institute!

-----------------------------Bible Teacher,

Southern Baptist Convention

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