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God Delivers A North Korean Pastor’s Son Through His Honesty

Duk-Soo was found by North Korean soldiers in the family cellar on November 20, 1950. He and his father, a Presbyterian pastor for 42 years, were taken to prison and told they would be executed in the morning. His father told him they could not tell a lie to save their lives. That evening, a captain approached Kim. "Are you a Christian?" For a fleeting moment, life for a lie seemed the only logical way to go. But the young boy remembered his father’s instruction. "I am a Christian," Kim said. The captain drew closer, and whispered, "I am a Christian too. I used to be a Sunday school teacher before the war. You must escape tonight. I will help you." Kim fled that night, having to leave his father under heavy guard awaiting his eventual death. Kim made it to an American base and played the organ for the chapel. "I should have been killed after the Communists found me, but God sent that Christian guard to help me escape.”

• Candidly, you and I should be judged and punished for our sins, yet, God sent Jesus to us, just like He sent Moses to the Children of Israel, to deliver us from the punishment that was ours. God is in the delivering business. The Psalmist says, “The Lord is my deliverer” – what I will call us to is not to forget what God has delivered us from!

From a sermon by Jerry Watts, God’s Gifts To Us, 6/24/2010

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