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Why does Satan hate Jesus? Why does He not even want to hear His name? Why does that which is evil hate that which is good? Maybe it has something to do with graveyards? Yes, you heard me right graveyards.

Jesus loves to go into graveyards and raise the dead -- He loves to break up funerals and death. He loves to trample on top of Satan and spoil his grave sites of torment. Jesus loves to replace fear with hope and happiness. He loves to remove the scary things of death and replace them with the joy of the resurrection of the believers. He just loves to trample on top of Halloween with the word "Hallelujah! He is risen!"

So you see it does have something to do with the Word of Life blowing through a graveyard of hopelessness and bring the dry bones back to life. Dry bones come back to life by His Word and by His Spirit! The two combined together bring life to the dead, they enter graveyards and bring everlasting life and resurrection power!

Richard Deem states, "The Blessedness of the Plan is found in the Word of God and the Spirit of God. These two work in tandem to bring life out of death -- victory out of defeat! The very dry bones found scattered upon the valley floor have been miraculously returned to life by the Word and the Spirit!"

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