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In the summer of 2010 I was hanging on every word of Steve Chalke as he preached at the New Wine Summer Conference. He was talking about Jesus being the one who transforms people and transforms situations; and he was calling the Church to once again become fully involved in the world as agents of God’s change and transformation. He used this Bible passage as one example of Jesus being the one who brings about dramatic, complete and overwhelming transformation; and mentioned the first time he preached on this as a young Baptist minister.

He was preaching at a strict traditional Baptist Church and knew it wasn’t going too well. Alcohol was a big no-no in the Church. Grape juice was used at communion and no church member was allowed to drink alcohol. As his sermon wore on more and more people in the congregation became fidgety. Several looked aghast, and winced every time Steve mentioned wine. Steve was in full flow. He’d passed the point of no return!

Realising that he needed to make his final point Steve paused for dramatic effect and asked a rhetorical question of the congregation who sat in stony silence. Steve asked: “And what is this event in the life of Jesus all about? What does it mean?” No reply came back, so Steve answered his own question: ‘It means that Jesus is saying to us, “The drinks are on me!”’

Not many people spoke to Steve that day as people filed out of Church, but one of the Church elders took him aside and pointed out the error of Steve’s preaching. Steve countered by saying, “I know where you’re coming from, but surely if Jesus, the Lord, the Son of God, can generate several rounds of drinks at a wedding so can we?” The Church elder was a bit red in the face but very calmly replied: “No Steve, you have to remember that when Jesus did this he was very young”!

I don’t think Steve was at that Church for very long.

Was Jesus saying, “The drinks are on me”? We don’t know what he said, but we do know what he did.

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