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Yet another film I have seen recently is called Pay It Forward, and in that story some year 7 students are set a social studies project in which they are to think of a way that one of them could do something which would change the world. No easy assignments for this class! Yet one of the students does think of something and tries it out. It is a scheme he calls Pay It Forward which this year 7 boy begins.

He looks for three opportunities to do something helpful for someone else that they could not do for themselves. Some way of helping three other people do things that by them selves they could not achieve. And instead of thanks or reward, he asks that they do the same for three other people. He gives of himself, his time and his property, only asking in return that these people do likewise to three other people. The idea being that if his three people helped another three people each, then there would be now be nine people looking to help another 27 people and so on; a chain reaction of giving which could...

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