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This story is dedicated to all who have lost a loved-one who had suffered a long illness before dying.

October, 1972, I visited Israel on a ’Holy Land Tour’. One night while staying at a hotel in Jerusalem, I dreamed that I was standing in a dimly-lit room. In the middle of the room stood a marble table about two-feet wide and six feet long. At each end of the table stood a tall pillar with a lamp upon it. The pillars also were made of marble. Lying upon the table was my father, dead, and covered in a white sheet up to his neck. On each side of the table stood two people I knew very well. On the left side, standing beside me, was my aunt’s husband, David. On the right side stood my brother, Jim. As

we stood there looking at Dad, my brother suddenly stretched out his right hand and thrust two of his fingers into Dad’s closed eyes. He then pushed with his fingers a few times as if to make certain that Dad was really dead.

I then immediately awoke. I was quite startled by what I had just seen. As I thought about the meaning of the dream through out the day, I concluded that my father was in urgent need of prayer and supplication. I was already aware that he was extremely discouraged spiritually.

Eighteen years later my father went into the hospital for what was predicted to be a successful surgery. It was not. After a dozen follow-up surgeries, being in and out of the hospital for more than a year, spending months in intensive care, and enduring intense pain, on January 25th, 1991 at 61 and a half years old, Dad died.

My Father’s death was extremely difficult for me to bear. We did not have much of a relationship when I was a child. After I reached adult hood, and committed my life to Christ, Dad and I became very close. Dad was a preacher. A year after my conversion, I felt called into the ministry. Dad then became my mentor. I eventually became very active in the Church that Dad was Pastor of. In short, we prayed together, worked together, traveled together, shared personal issues, etc.

After my Father’s death I became responsible for making funeral arrangements. On the morning I was to meet the funeral director at the funeral home to make the arrangements, David came by for a visit. After I told him where I was going and what I was planning to do, David asked if I would mind if he went with me. Of course I did not mind. I had already asked Jim to go with me. When we arrived at the funeral home the director informed us that Dad’s body was very swelled, and may not be presentable for viewing. He then asked if we would look at the body. When we walked into the room where my Father was lying, everything was exactly as I had seen in my dream over eighteen years earlier! The marble table, the marble pillars at each end, the lamps on the pillars, the room was dimly-lit, Dad was covered with a white sheet up to his neck. My brother even thrust his two...

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