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In the court of law before a person testifies they place their hand into the air and swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. And it is assumed that fallen man by saying that oath will tell the truth when they stand before the judge. But day in and day out judges throughout the world hear testimony from plaintiffs and defendants that contradicts one another.

A boy of the age of twelve was an important witness in a lawsuit. One lawyer, who was cross-examining him, said, "Your father has been telling you how to testify, hasn’t he?"

"Yes," said the boy.

"Now just tell us how your father told you to testify," the lawyer remarked.

"Well," replied the boy, "Father told me the lawyers would try to tangle me in my testimony; but if I would just be careful and tell the truth, I could tell the same thing every time."

(From a sermon by Jon Miller, What Is Truth, 3/1/2011)

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