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All great undertakings begin with a critical moment--a moment when a decision is made and someone launches himself into a never-to-be forgotten enterprise.

FRANCISCO PIZARRO, the noted Spanish explorer, faced such a moment. He languished with his men on a small island awaiting new supplies before moving on to Peru. When the supply ships arrived, they brought a message that he should abandon his expedition-considered by the governor to be foolhardy-and return to Panama.

Pizarro assembled his men on the beach. He drew his sword and made an east to west line in the sand, then turning to the south he said, "Friends and comrades! On that side are toil, hunger, nakedness, the drenching storm, desertion, and death; on this side, ease and pleasure. There lies Peru with its riches; here, Panama and its poverty. Choose, each man, what best becomes a brave Castilian. For my part, I go to the south." Then he stepped across the line.

The pilot Ruiz was first to respond, then twelve other men stepped across to join the leader and the pilot.

Of Pizarro, the famous historian Prescott says he was "...a man more accustomed to act than to talk."

Do you want to become wise? Then come with me and we will go on this study of Proverbs and become wise in God's eyes. These sayings will help us think keenly, they will sharpen the edges of our minds. They will quicken our thoughts and enable us to understand more of life's riddles. As that occurs the daily grind caused by the human viewpoint will slowly be replaced by the wisdom of the divine perspective.

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