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Ida M. Clark writes that she was still overwhelmed with grief as she approached the church on the Sunday morning after her mother had died. Just outside the door, a 7-year-old boy met her. He stopped, planted his feet solidly on the path in front of her, and with tearful eyes looked up at her.

"I prayed for your mother," he said, "but she died."

For a moment the sorrowing woman just wanted to scoop him up in her arms and cry with him, but she could see he was seriously disturbed because he thought his prayers had not been answered. So she quickly and quietly lifted her heart in a silent petition, "O Lord, give me the right answer!"

Then she said to the boy very solemnly, "You wanted God to do His best for my mother, didn't you?"

He nodded slowly.

"Son, He answered your prayer. His best for her was to take her home to live with Him."

The lad's eyes lighted up as he replied, "That's right, He did!" Then off he ran to meet his friends, content that God had taken her to Heaven.

(From a sermon by Stephen Wright, Where is the God of Elijah?, 4/10/2011)

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