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There is a story about President Ronald Reagan when he "...was in the hospital healing from when he had been shot. One day his Vice President walked in the room to find him on his hands and knees wiping up water. The Vice President said, 'Mr. President, they’ll take care of that.' He meant that the people at the hospital would clean it up. All President Reagan had to do was call them and they would hurry in. But the President said, 'No, no, if they come in and see it the nurse will be blamed for it. I don't want the nurse to be blamed. She didn’t do it. I did.'"

We have all spilled something in our lives, a common little spill story by The President of The United States, becomes a story of humility that we can all understand that it never hurts for us to clean up our own messes.

(From a sermon by Scott Bradford, Transforming the Common, 4/22/2011)

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