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ALL the ruthless Ninevites from the commoner to the King of Assyria repented and God did not send destruction. But why did these ruthless people listen to Jonah who was just one man? I have been struggling with this very question and asked God to help me speak to you this morning about this. Then God gave me this answer.

There have been very engaging preachers who make us laugh and cry and we feel really good when we listen to them. Maybe you could say we were entertained. Then there are some preachers who don't look great on the outside, don't wear $500 dollar suits and don't look very effective. But they only have to utter a few phrases and people are cut to their heart and people weep throughout the Sanctuary. What happened?

Francis Chan wrote a great book titled "Forgotten God". When I saw the title I was thinking that "Yes people have forgotten about God in our culture today." But no, what Francis Chan is talking about is the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The forgotten God in today's world is the Holy Spirit. No power comes without the Holy Spirit's presence. Jonah spoke words BUT the only way they were effective was that God's Holy Spirit was moving among the people of Nineveh. The Holy Spirit was convicting, encouraging and loving the Ninevites into repentance. Without the Holy Spirit's presence Jonahs words would have well, just been hollow words and he would have probably been beaten and killed.

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