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A true story of how my close relative's urgent financial need was met by God's Providence!

Dear friends, Jesus is same yesterday, today & forever (Hebrews 13:8). Oh how many personal experiences I have had and oh how many true accounts I have heard from God’s servants of the Almighty using unlikely sources to help them in their time of need. Now I have a very close relative (my Father-in-law’s own younger brother namely Reverend K. Issachar) who had quit a lucrative secular job (of Excise inspector) to take-up full time Pastoral work oh yes… after a great struggle of saying NO to his legitimate career aspirations. Doubtless, there were some financial constraints consequently, what with his young children still being in school. While undergoing training in a seminary in a different state, one day he received a letter from his wife about an urgent financial need vis-à-vis school fees to be paid for his children. Even as he “surrendered” his dire problems to the Lord…lo and behold…the very next day an absolute stranger walked straight to him in his class and thrust the needed money into his pocket and walked away saying “the Lord wanted me to give you this money”. Needless to say, this devout relative of mine never saw his benefactor again! Straight from Ripley’s book of “Believe it or not”? Friends that is LORD’S NETWORK AT WORK FOR YOU! By the way, is your face there in God’s “Facebook”? If so, say “HALLELUJAH”, otherwise get “linked-in” (Romans 10:8-10) without any further delay!

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