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Listen to a partially embellished STORY of the SERVANT who escaped to Abraham...

The sun was just rising in the east. Abram's entourage had grown significantly since Lot departed. They had settled in the land of Mamre the Amorite, finding water and shade in the forest, and an alliance with Mamre and his brothers. Security was a constant concern. Abram had accumulated much, and he was determined to protect his family and his possessions.

The morning watchmen were just about to take their positions, replacing the tired young men who had posted guard all night. One of the bleary eyed servants notices a figure appearing out of the east, looking as if he were rising with the sun. He was running. No not really running, it was more like staggering.

The watchman sounded the alarm. Everyone's eyes were tuned to the approaching figure. He didn't seem to be a danger, really more pathetic than anything else.

By this time Abram was awake, dressed and out of his tent. Always on guard, the stately old man he had already grabbed his spear, ready to face whatever danger was approaching.

As the man approached the camp, Abram was the first to meet him. "Who are you, where have you come from?"

"The Kings of the East defeated the Kings of the Plain. We were routed by them. Most of the solders were killed. Some died trying to escape. Lot has been taken captive!"

For a portion of time measured only in microns, a thought passed through Abram's mind. Something along the line of "see, I told you so." But before those thoughts had enough time to be formed into words, altogether different words came out of Abram's mouth, words that reflected the true character of his heart.

"How many men." "What kind of weapons?" "Who was their leader?" "Which way were they headed?" "Were Lot's wife and daughters taken captive also?" The mighty patriarch peppered the terrified soldier with questions demonstrating both his concern and the a strategy was already being formed in his mind to go and rescue Lot.

Abram stepped into action. Carefully, precisely and quickly, he spelled out his plan through the series of orders given to his attentive servants.

"You, gather my captains and have them meet me in my tent." "You, harness all of our camels. Give them plenty to drink." "You, take five servants and gather as much food and water as we can carry." "You, get the weapons ready." "You, get this man some food and new clothes. Put him on my best camel because he has to show us the way."

Everyone knew the danger of the mission Abram was planning. The entire region was terrified of the Mesopotamian kings that had been extorting money from everyone in the land of the Jordan Valley. Only the shrewdness and skill of Mamre and his Ammorite brothers had kept them from becoming entangled in the conflict.

Nichol, Abram's most trusted confidant and leader was concerned enough to speak up. He took great risk in questioning the man of God, but this was a suicide mission and Nichol feared that Abram's emotions had gotten the best of him.

With great respect, Nichol asked for permission to speak. Quietly, so that the other servants would not hear, Nichol leaned to Abram and said, "But Abram, the five kings have already escaped, you'll never catch them."

Abram replied with confidence: Lot's in Trouble. He's my responsibility, and I love him.

Next, Nichol mentioned what should have been patently evident to Abram. "But Abram, the five kings already defeated the kings of the plains. You are no match for them"

Again, Abram responded with the same conviction. Lot's in Trouble. He's my responsibility, and I love him.

This time, Nichol spoke slightly louder, no longer concerned whether or not any of the nearby servants overheard his advise to his wise master. "But Abram, everything you value could be lost."

Abram's reply was no different. Lot's in Trouble. He's my responsibility, and I love him.

"But Abram, it's a lost cause"

Lot's in Trouble. He's my responsibility, and I love him.

"But Abram, you're too old, let the young men go and try"

Lot's in Trouble. He's my responsibility, and I love him.

"But Abram, after all Lot's done to hurt you, he doesn't deserve for you to risk your life and possessions to save him."

At this, Abram responded in the most stern manner. With great conviction and determination, he emphatically said,

Lot's in Trouble. He's my responsibility, and I love him.

God was with Abram. Kedorlaomer took Abram's nephew, and in so doing he made himself the enemy of Abram. "Those who curse you I will curse" (Genesis 12:3). The principle still applies. God is with the righteous.

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