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A youth pastor wanted to illustrate something to his students. He placed some valuable objects on small tables around the room. On one of the tables was a Bible. There was a $5 bill on another table. There was a kids' meal from a fast-food restaurant on one table. Other tables had other desirable items.

A student was blindfolded outside of the room before entering. The other students were divided into groups. Each group was to shout to the blindfolded student directions to the item and table that was assigned to them. However, only one person was assigned the table with the Bible.

When the blindfolded student was led into the center of the room, all the students began yelling instructions and directions. The noise level was deafening. However, with six different groups screaming instructions, no set of instructions stood out. The blindfolded student stood in the center of the room, confused, lost and without direction.

Worse of all, the one voice trying to direct the student to the Bible was lost in the noise.

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