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Bible Marketing Plan

An Anglican priest, Roman Catholic priest and Pentecostal minister went on a marketing course selling Bibles in Nottingham to supplement their incomes.

Before going on the course, they were asked to go around the week before and see how many Bibles they could sell.

The Roman Catholic was able to sell 8 Bibles, the Anglican 9 Bibles and the Pentecostal 12 Bibles.

After a week on the marketing course, they were told to go out at the weekend and sell Bibles.

The following Monday they returned to report how they had got on.

The Catholic was pleased, he'd sold 28 Bibles. The Anglican was pleased, he had sold 29 Bibles.

The Pentecostal came in and reported he had sold 93 Bibles.

The tutor and the others on the marketing course was utterly amazed.

“Tell us your secret” they asked him:

"Very simple" he said: "I go to a door and say"

"DDDo yyyyou wwwant to bbbuy a BBBible or ssshall I rrread it ttto yyou"

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