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How blessed is the person whose sin God does not take into account. Even if you don’t deserve it; God provides for you.

True story. Two pastors were on their way to Atlanta, Georgia for a large Christian men’s gathering. One of them had never been in the south before. After staying in a motel overnight, they stopped at a nearby restaurant for breakfast. When their meal was delivered, the pastor who had never been south before saw this white, mushy looking stuff on his plate. When the waitress came by again he asked her what it was.

"Grits", she replied.

"Ma’am I didn’t order it and I’m not paying for it."

"Sir, down here you don’t order it and you don’t pay for it, you just get it." like the grace of God!

(Ray Raycroft. From a sermon by Timothy Dolan, Lives of Worship, 5/22/2012)

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