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An auctioneer was taking bids on household items. He was tired and wanted to go home. There was only one item left an old violin. It wasn’t much to look at and no sound came from it. It was a seemingly worthless instrument. The auctioneer started the bid who will give me one peso, five pesos, even ten pesos. No hand went up.

There was an elderly gentlemen in his seventies. He came forward and replaced the strings in the old violin. He oiled the keys and tightened the strings. Then he began to play that old violin. The sweetest music you ever heard came from that old violin.

The people cheered as the master musician played that old violin. The auctioneer said who will give 20,000, 50,000, 150,000 pesos for that old violin.

It is that way with our lives. To many people they see no value in our lives. Our lives are broken; there is no value in our lives. That is until we have been touch by the master’s hand. It is his hand that makes a difference in our lives. When we have been touched by the Master’s hand our lives are no longer the same. We have become a new creation. A new musical instrument that is played by our Master Jesus Christ.

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