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A brief excerpt from the Biography* of D.Livingstone that immortal missionary to Africa captures the essence of his ministry…on how he had modeled it on His master.

‘They (people to whom he ministered) had decided to go to Kolobeng, too, for they felt that they could not live without their white friend, who healed their diseases, taught them to read, and told them of a wonderful Saviour’.

* by Eugene Myers Harrison ‘The Biography of the Pathfinder’

In a nutshell, he did things pleasing unto God first like healing the diseases of the people in his mission field to start with BEFORE sharing the Gospel with them (people of the Dark Continent) with the results which history approves of…even today.

To sum-up Jesus, his dedicated disciples’ & their ilk shall always be ‘a winner man’. Reason? They not only show the way, they not only aim to lead the way but most importantly they go that way…first. The point is…are we using this time-tested ‘winning formula’ ourselves in our ministries.

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