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If we want to come to Jesus there will be opposition.

John Stott was the pastor of All Saints Church in London. I had a chance to meet John Stott while I was in London. He died last year. He is really credited with starting the evangelical movement in England. Before that movement was started, about 60-70% of the clergy did not believe in the fundamentals of the biblical faith. And by the time John Stott died, more than 80% of the clergy believed in all the fundamental teachings of the faith.

When people in his church came to Christ, he had a tradition. He would have those people sit at the back and at the end of the service, when everyone was walking out, he would have them walk to the front. It is actually a very small passage to get out of the church there. And the reason he had these people walk against the traffic walking out of the church was because he was trying to teach them, once you decide to follow Jesus, you will have to go against the flow! It was a symbol of the opposition that we are going to face.

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