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Yesterday, the Tennessee Titans beat the Baltimore Ravens in a pro football playoff game. Before the game, all the commentators talked about was that the Titans had lost the last five games to the Ravens, and how the Ravens seem to have their number. Nobody gave the Titans a chance. So, how did they win? Well, I wasn't in the Titans locker room, but there is one thing I'm confident of. Not only were the Titans a very good football team; what really caused them to win was … THEY WERE DISSATISFIED WITH THEMSELVES AND THEIR STATUS QUO. They were not satisfied to continue to be a team that was good enough to make the playoffs, but not good enough to beat the Ravens. And because they were dissatisfied, and said this situation cannot stay the way it is, they were willing to pay the price, in hard work and determination, in playing hurt, in continuing to push out when they were so tired they could hardly stand ...

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