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We humans tend to come to blockages and stop. The other day I was using a vacuum cleaner, the nice new yellow one here at the hall, I turned it on and it worked (tuned it on made all the right noises). But it had no suck. It had become blocked and jammed with hay where the hose met its body, thanks to the Christmas manger. What to do, get down on my knees and unblock it, it then worked really well. Like the vacuum we humans have a fault that when we get blocked instead of sorting the blockage we either try to keep going achieve nothing and burn out or we, say that’s too hard turn off and put ourselves away in a cupboard. When all along we should get down on our knees engage with God and sort out the problem. Then continue to move forward, engaging with the lost, the last and the least and do our bit to clean up the world by engaging people in the Kingdom of God.

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