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I once heard of a farmer who had a complaining wife. From morning till night she would complain about something or the other. The only time he got relief was when he went to the farm with his donkey.

One day as he was plowing, his wife brought him lunch. He put the donkey on the shade of a tree and began to have his lunch. Immediately, his wife began her complaining. All of a sudden the donkey lashed out with both hind feet, hit her, and killed her on the spot.

At the funeral, the pastor noticed something odd. When women would come, the farmer would listen for a minute, nod his head in agreement, but when men approached him, he would listen for a minute and shook his head in disagreement. This was so consistent that the pastor decided to ask him about it.

After the burial the pastor asked him as to why he nodded his head in agreement to the women but always shook his head in disagreement with all men. The farmer said, "The women would come up and says something nice about my wife -- how she cooked, how good she was and so on. I’d nod my head in agreement."

"And what about the men?" the pastor asked.

"The men knew that the donkey killed my wife and all they wanted to know was if my donkey was for sale."

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