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The enemy's strategy is to be invisible, so we have to always be on guard.

Mike Slaughter tells the story of his mission trip back to Darfur and traveling from their compound in Ed Daein to Adilla Town, which is a six-hour round trip over rough desert terrain. On this particular road, there are frequent bandit and rebel attacks. In fact, one of the local staff was kidnapped on that road and in another incident, one was shot and two vehicles were lost. Because of the threat of attacks from bandits or rebels, there are no potty breaks or rest stops. Mike asked a UN security officer about the area, and he said, "Do not trust your eyes. What you see with your eyes can be deceiving. It will look like calm, but the real danger lies in what you can't see. It is the unseen enemy lurking in the barren brush that blends in with the crowd, who represents the grave danger."

In this sermon series, we’re going to be talking about the unseen enemy and the dangers of living for Jesus. We’re caught up in the spiritual battle between good and evil, and so it’s important to take proactive measures in regard to the unseen opposition. That starts with the battle of the mind. Your mind is what determines everything else in life. The mind is the doorway to the heart. So you need to guard and protect your mind. The force that is working against us is not the Taliban. There is a deeper force, a stealth force we can't see or defeat but God can. It's in God's mighty power that we will win this battle. Make no mistake, this is a war.

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