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A tour bus was journeying through Israel with a group of Americans when they saw a unique sight. An Israeli shepherd was carrying a lamb in his arms. The bus stopped to talk with the shepherd and to give tourists a chance to take pictures. A little boy asked the shepherd, "Why are you carrying that little lamb in your arms? Can’t he walk by himself?"

The shepherd smiled and said, "Oh, you don’t understand. This little lamb keeps wandering from the shepherd and I am his only defense against enemies. He would not listen to me. So, I picked him up and broke his leg to save his life and teach him a lesson."

That’s exactly what the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, does for His sheep. When we wander away from His side, we walk away from our only defense. He finds us in our sin, takes us through brokenness.......and carries us until we are able to walk with Him once again.

I used to sing a song as a child that still makes so much to me today: "The Lord knows the way through the Wilderness. All I have to do is follow!"

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