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It seems like stores put out their Christmas merchandise earlier every year. Let’s start selling Christmas stuff in July, beat the holiday rush. Song by Brave Combo- The president was passing laws, Gave a call to Santa Claus He said, "get that toy machine on high. Economy is in a slump I know what could pick it up This year let’s have Christmas in July" Oh, we’ll have a christmas, a summer Christmas We’ll have one fine fun-time unwinding In the sunshine Christmas Oh, we’ll spend Yuletide, down by the poolside This year let’s have Christmas in July.

How bizarre this would be. It would be bizarre for those who started the tradition of Advent and Christmas to see how we celebrate this today. Advent is observed in December. Advent means coming. During Advent we remember Jesus Christ first coming into this world. However, since Advent means coming, we also need to remember that Jesus Christ is coming again, the Second Coming. At the start of this tradition many remembered and celebrated Second Coming more than first. How bizarre to remember Christ’s first advent but to forget about His Second Advent.

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