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I went to bed with a heavy heart one day. All those news and reports of death for the past few weeks. Only to wake up with a thought of birthday cake and celebration. Now why do we celebrate birthdays, blowing candles and cutting cake. I admit, I do not know the meaning that has been tagged with this. But I am reluctant to learn the meaning if it does not contain the satisfying truth of the gospel.

This is the answer I got:

The lighted candles represent the life we have spent in this world so far. Those lighted candles are held by cake so it would not fall off. The Cake, the sweetness, represents God’s Amazing Grace, Everlasting Mercy and unconditional love. All these years, we are alive by His Grace, Mercy and Love. It is Him, who holds onto our Candles, Our Lives.

We blow the candles. This is to remind us, that our life is fragile. One minute, we could be alive and the next we might not be. So while we live we must make it worth it by cutting the cake and distributing to the people, all of us eating the cake. That is to share and partake the Grace, Mercy and Love of God. We eat the cake and we give it to others. We enjoy God’s Grace, Mercy and Love and share it to others. To glorify God.

What is God’s Grace, Mercy and Love. It is the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus). The Truth of the Bible.

So when we celebrate birthday next time. We should be reminded of life that God has given and guarded and we must glorify Him, with His gospel.

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