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Robin Norwood in her book, “Why Me? Why This? Why Now?” writes, “A very wise old fried of mine who has just celebrated his 100th birthday said to me about a recent news broadcast he recently heard about 73 people losing their lives in a plan crash: “Don’t they know we can’t lose our lives? We can only lose our bodies. They should say 73 people lost their bodies today.” The body dies but the soul lives on. It’s just a matter of where. Ninety-nine percent of Jews don't believe in eternal life. The Pharisees did and that’s it. It’s a belief that the Jewish people still do not accept today. But Jesus on the cross and God in the days after showed that he loved us enough, not only to sacrifice his son for our sins but to also defeat death that we might spend eternity with him. You and I were created to spend our lifetime in relationship with God the Father. And now that Jesus defeats death, we are given the gift to spend all eternity with him. Let me ask you a question, “Are you living your life as if you are going to die or are you living as if you are going to spend eternity with Jesus?”

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