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Pastor and Leadership speaker John Maxwell tells the story of his brother who was called to active duty during the Pueblo crisis in Korea. He says he could remember standing in his father’s office when my father found out the news and went to his brother, hugged him and said, “Larry, I’m going to pray for you at 9 AM every day. No matter what I am doing or where I am, I am going to get on my knees and take you to Him. I’m going to believe for your physical and spiritual well-being.” Many times, John saw his father talking business about significant issues and at 9 AM he would excuse himself from the Board Room or wherever he was and go pray for his son who was many miles away from him but more importantly, many miles away from God. For 17 years, he prayed every day. Then one Sunday morning, John’s brother Larry went to church and said to the Pastor before worship, “I want you to give an invitation today because I’m going to get saved.” That afternoon, he called his father and said, “Dad, your 17 years of praying have paid off.” Don’t ever stop praying because you never know when a person will respond to God’s grace and forgiveness.

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