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Among the treasures of our home are two quilts. One hangs on the quilt rack in the entry hallway of our home. On one section of that quilt are many names of a particular congregation we have served.

A second quilt given to us by another congregation hangs over the back of the rocker in our living room. Now, it does not bear the names of that congregation’s members, but each square of that quilt represents something about us. For example, it contains the colors of the bridesmaid’s dresses in my wife’s bridal party. There is also one about our catwho died last year at age 16.

Neither one of these quilts were bought at a store. They were handmade. Some of us here this morning have been involved in such projects. You know the work involved. Some of us here have been the recipients of these wonderful gifts.

There is something about handmade gifts, isn’t there? The time, the quality, the beauty of them grabs you and you treasure them like nothing else. A handmade gift is a gift from the heart. Jim Kane

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