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  • A Guest Preacher Was Speaking About "Seeing Jesus ...

    Contributed by Mark Eberly on Aug 4, 2008

    A guest preacher was speaking about “seeing Jesus in others” when God used Meghan as a living illustration of someone who had surrendered everything to Jesus as part of her community of faith. During the worship set, Meghan spontaneously went to the front of the church and began dancing…wildly. more

  • A. How Many Of You Have Ever Built A ...

    Contributed by Duane Smith on Sep 29, 2008

    A. How many of you have ever built a model? 1. There are all kinds: a. Cars & Trucks b. Military vehicles & Trains c. Planes & boats 2. At present I am working on a ship, the HMS Bounty. a. There are many reasons a ship can become famous, usually because of a great more

  • A Marriage Confession

    Contributed by Johnny Creasong on Oct 3, 2008
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    A Marriage Confession I have a confession to make this morning. I am really not sure how to say this to you. I am embarrassed, ashamed, and really fearful of what you might think of me once you know the truth. I must confess to you this morning that my wife, Ronda, and I have irreconcilable more

  • The Great Divide Between Jew And Gentile Was ...

    Contributed by W Pat Cunningham on Oct 18, 2008

    The great divide between Jew and Gentile was symbolized by the wall in Herod’s Temple that separated the outer court of the Gentiles from the inner Courts of Israel. Gates leading into those inner precincts were posted with signs warning that Gentile trespassers would be killed. In fact, the Book more

  • Gracious Father, I Humbly Beseech Thee For Thy ...

    Contributed by Matthew Kratz on Dec 8, 2008

    “Gracious Father, I humbly beseech thee for thy Holy Catholic Church; fill it with all truth, in all truth with all peace. Where it is corrupt, purge it; where it is in error, direct it; where it is superstitious, rectify it; where anything is amiss, reform it; where it is right, strengthen and more

  • Being One With Other Christians Is Much Like A ...

    Contributed by Matthew Kratz on Dec 8, 2008

    Being one with other Christians is much like a biological body. In any flesh-and-bones body, there are a variety of cells. There are nerve cells, blood cells, muscle cells, and many others, each having a distinct function. The body operates smoothly, not because the cells get together and vote on more

  • Did You Hear About The Story Of The Great ...

    Contributed by Wade M. Hughes, Sr on Dec 9, 2008

    Did you hear about the story of the GREAT ARGUMENT... FIVE FINGERS GOT TOGETHER AND IN A HEATED DISCUSSION THE ARGUMENT AROSE: WHO IS THE GREATEST OF THE FIVE FINGERS? The THUMB laid his claim: I am the greatest, I am the only opposing digit. I am used to HITCHHIKE. The INDEX FINGER... I am more

  • John ...

    Contributed by Michael Wiley on Jan 7, 2009

    John 3:16 Introduction: Finished Shopping? What kind of gifts are you looking for? We look for gifts for Christmas that show our love for others. Joke; one man asked another, “what are you getting your wife?” “I’ll wrap myself.” “I’m not getting my wife much either.” ILL Little Sammy Williams more

  • On The Random Stack Of Things That Magically ...

    Contributed by Christopher Kennedy on Jan 22, 2009

    On the random stack of things that magically appear outside my office door from time to time, this week I discovered a scrapbook that caught my attention. It was a scrapbook of the first years of Shepherd of the Hills. I was curious to look at the old pictures, letters, bulletins, and other more

  • The Bridge ...

    Contributed by Wade M. Hughes, Sr on Feb 23, 2009

    THE BRIDGE BUILDER (Unknown) An old man, going down a lonely highway, Came at the evening cold and gray, To a chasm vast and wide, Through which was flowing a swollen tide, The old man crossed in the twilight dim, The swollen stream had no fear for him. But he turned when safe on the other more

  • The God Squad  PRO

    Contributed by Michael Mccartney on Feb 26, 2009
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    THE GOD SQUAD This week, we finished remodeling our old house and started moving into our new house. But last Monday I threw my back out while working on the house. I was frustrated and hurting. But the pain was not as bad as the feeling of not being able to finish my tasks which what I wanted more

  • Binding Sticks  PRO

    Contributed by Guy Mcgraw on Mar 12, 2009
    based on 2 ratings

    BINDING STICKS One of Aesop’s fables is about a father who had seven sons. To each son he gave a stick. Each was asked to break his stick, which was easily done. Then the father took seven other sticks and bound them together. He than ask the seven sons to break the sticks. Not one of the sons more

  • Old Peanuts Cartoon: Lucy Demands That Linus ...

    Contributed by Rev Dr Randall M Deal Sr on Mar 29, 2009

    Old Peanuts cartoon: Lucy demands that Linus change TV channels and then threatens him with her fist if he doesn’t. "What makes you think you can walk right in here and take over?" asks Linus. "These five fingers," says Lucy. "Individually they are nothing, but when I curl them together like this more

  • What A ...

    Contributed by Sermoncentral on Apr 7, 2009

    WHAT A COINCIDENCE... A man was out on walk when he saw another man about to throw himself from a bridge into the river. He ran over to save him. "Why do you want to kill yourself?" the man asked. "I’ve nothing to live for." "Don’t you believe in God?" "Yes I do." "What a coincidence--so do more

  • Once Upon A Time The Lone Ranger And Tonto Were ...

    Contributed by Ken Mckinley on Apr 30, 2009

    Once upon a time the Lone Ranger and Tonto were riding through a canyon when suddenly they were surrounded on all sides by Indian warriors. Tonto looked to the Lone Ranger and asked, “What we do, Kimosabe?” The Lone Ranger pulls his trusty horse Silver to the east to find a hidden passage, but more

  • Church-Goers Are Like Coals In A Fire. When They ...

    Contributed by Tony Abram on May 7, 2009

    Church-goers are like coals in a fire. When they cling together, they keep the flame aglow; when they more

  • Yiddish Proverb

    Contributed by Tony Abram on May 7, 2009

    If a link is broken, the whole chain breaks. more

  • Maybe You Remember Hearing A Few Years Ago About ...

    Contributed by Mary Lewis on May 7, 2009

    Maybe you remember hearing a few years ago about the “The Three Tenors.” Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, and Jose Carreras, three of the world’s most renowned voices. They performed together at a concert in L.A. In a press conference, one reporter tried to stir up a little competition between more

  • Are You A Christian?

    Contributed by Guy Mcgraw on May 7, 2009
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    ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN? Two men met on a plane and one man asked the other, "Are you a Christian?" "Yes I am." "Wonderful! Are you Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox?" "I’m a Protestant." "That’s great. So am I. Are you Calvinist or Arminian in your theology?" "I’m happy to say that I’m a more

  • Living In Harmony

    Contributed by Guy Mcgraw on May 7, 2009

    Mark Twain once said, "I built a cage and in it I put a dog and a cat. After a little training I got the dog and the cat to the point where they lived peaceably together. Then I introduced a pig, a goat, a kangaroo, some birds, and a monkey. And after a few adjustments, they learned to live in more