Sermon Series
  • 1. Standing Tall: Et. Tu. Brutus

    Contributed on May 2, 2004
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    Betrayal and rejection are a part of life but it doesn’t have to be the commanding part of life

    No one goes through life without experiencing rejection and/or betrayal. Its part of the result of being sinful humans that we reject others and as a result we end up on the receiving end of that rejection as well. In some ways this fear is the foundation for so many others. We’re afraid of what more

  • 2. Standing Tall: Agaist The What-If's Of Life

    Contributed on May 29, 2004
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    What if’s can rob you of Life till you learn to seek God’s kingdom first.

    One of our local channels last week aired a report on the dangers lurking in our shower curtains. They took a fair number of minutes getting samples with swabs off people¡¦s shower curtains. Surprisingly in the greenish/black stuff that has grown there in the folds and along the base of the more