Summary: This sermon is about discerning and following the call of God in our daily lives.

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And Abram Journeyed On – Genesis 12: 1 - 9

Intro: Factory fire – several companies answered call. – fought for 1 hr – owner reward of $50K, another hour - $100K – Volunteer fire dept composed of men over the age of 65 – arrive and barrel to heart of the fire - $200K for putting out fire – “What are you going to do with that $?” – “1st Get the brakes fixed on that truck.” --- Can’t accidentally follow God’s call – must be intentional.

I. God initiated the contact – Abram didn’t ask to be chosen and neither do we.

A. Verses 1 – 3 – God speaks to Abram

B. Abram is a wandering, idol worshipping nobody. Why him? What makes him special? – NOTHING!

C. God calls everyone – do you hear? – to busy, to preoccupied, too proud – talking instead of listening.

II. What is Abram called to do? – Verse 1 – “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household.”

A. Verses 4 – 5 – not go to seminary, not begin a new church,. 75 and starting over. – Simply TRUST GOD ENOUGH TO FOLLOW.

B. Call to trust God completely and for everything. Rely on something other than family and self.

C. God wants to take you and I from where we are, to a place in life He will show us. (Verse 7)

III. “I don’t hear God calling!” --- Why? --- Not willing to make sacrifices?

A. Following God’s will always requires separation from something.

B. God removes Abram from his comfort zones, away from hindrances

C. Perhaps we need to have a funeral. We need to bury some of those things that hold us back from answering God’s call.

Conclu: “How can I be sure it is God calling?” --- 1) when you are being lead to do something your wouldn’t dream of doing, and 2) when you feel ill-equipped or unworthy to do it. --- Pray, pray for a vision from God. --- Listen, listen for God’s call. --- Follow Abram’s example and journey on.

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