Summary: Fasting is not just about going without food.

Fasting is a common practice. It is done for many reasons by all sorts of people.

Among children of GOD, fasting is practiced. Mark 2:18, JESUS is asked about fasting and HE says HIS disciples will fast when HE is taken away. HE also said that when we fast we must not go around with long and dry faces. HE also says that some kinds of deliverance only happen through fasting. We all know this however and we have written and read many things about fasting. Beloved, you must engage in fasting and as you fast you must pray.

Let us look at fasting from the Isaiah 58 angle.

In this scripture, the people ask GOD why HE has not noticed their fasting and their humbling of themselves. GOD speaks and says that the people are seemingly seeking HIM yet they are not. In other words, the people are playing with HIM, they are not really seeking HIM , they are making a show of seeking HIM. Remember the scripture that talks about people seeking GOD with their mouths yet their hearts are far from HIM. See Isaiah 58:2 “ if they were a nation that does what is right...”.The people were behaving as if they were following all the commands of GOD yet they were not. And of course The MOST HIGH, true to HIS character, sees right through them and talks about it openly and clearly.

In our public shows and displays of righteousness and holiness we, just like the Pharisees:

i) Do what we want; Isaiah 58:3. Incidentally, it is said that “do what you want” is the first commandment in satans kingdom if not the only one. So, we are serving satan and want GOD to answer us. Beloved, GOD cannot be mocked. As you fast, do the will of GOD, put aside your will, like JESUS and do the will of GOD.

ii) Exploit their workers. I have heard it said over and over again by different people that Christian organizations and churches are the worst places to work. That in these organizations, the principles of GOD and righteousness exist only in the Bible and remain there. There is even a terrible story of a man who was sacked by the church, and in search of a livelihood founded a world famous cigarette empire.

It is not uncommon to hear of churches being sued in worldly courts by their own staff. Have we forgotten that we are supposed to sort out our disputes in a certain manner? The church workers have learnt to bear it and suffer silently, after all doesn’t the scripture says carry your cross. But Beloved, exploitation of workers anywhere is forbidden by the LORD. HE himself meets the needs of HIS workers and has a great retirement package for you when you finish your duties. Why then aren’t you doing the same with your workers? We hear of Christian empires with sums of money that our minds cannot handle, yet their staff don’t even have proper housing? Their staff and members can’t even send their children to the schools and/or hospitals founded by these churches. By the way, shouldn’t these schools and hospitals be free for Christians? Children of GOD, what is happening? For sure, the rain has seriously beaten us. Beloved, fast if you want, in fact go on a hunger strike, The LORD will not hear you if you willingly continue with injustice and exploitation.

iii) We fast but quarrel, cause strife and fight each other. Beloved, whatever happened to turn the other cheek and forgive those who wrong you. Oh! Sorry! I forgot, it exists only in the Bible and it remains there. The things we Christians have done to each other. No wonder the Bible records hell as enlarging herself but heaven remaining constant in size! Beloved, GOD despises the violent man. Repent!

iv) We look meek and humble, we look broken and like we are carrying heavy burdens, like we are really suffering. Yet in our hearts we are like “ GOD, YOU better do what I am telling you, or else..”. In reality, our fasting is just part of our grand plan towards some targeted end. Beloved GOD sees you, HE is not blind, HE sees your actions and your intentions and your heart. Repent!

What does The LORD require as we fast?

i.) Isaiah 58:6. Free the captives. If you are able to do it in a grand public way, go ahead and do it. I think this verse simply means, every burden, or every hardship you have placed on the path of others, go ahead and remove it. Are you lending what you can freely give? Make things and life easier for someone else. Doesn’t the scripture say somewhere that we should not put stumbling blocks on the way of others, and that if you do, it is better that you were drowned! Not my words!

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