Summary: The message of Revelation is so important that the Lord takes the time and space to talk about the message of Revelation itself. There are 11 facts given in this last chapter.

Our passage tonight closes the book of Revelation. It’s also the final words of the Word of God because it’s the last book of the Bible. The things we have been shown in the past 2 years of this study have been astounding. Let’s think back for a moment over what we have seen:

 We saw God holding the great Book of Destiny in His hand and Jesus Christ walking over and taking it and opening it up to reveal the future of the world.

 We saw that the world is going to experience an increase in natural catastrophes—whole areas of the world will be devastated.

 We saw a great charismatic leader is to arise on earth who will become so evil that he can only be described as a beast. He will be the Antichrist.

 We saw that once the Antichrist has consolidated his power over a number of nations, he will institute a state religion. Every citizen will be required to give his loyalty to the state.

 We saw that the government, society, and religion of the world will become so evil under the Antichrist that God will make the decision to go ahead and judge the ungodly and evil of the world and end world history.

 We saw the judgment of God that will fall upon the earth. The great seal judgments will bring famine and disease and will kill ¼ of the earth’s population.

 We saw the great trumpet judgments that will bring violent storms, volcanic eruptions, a meteoric mass, and astronomical happenings in space—all so devastating that 1/3 of the earth’s vegetation, seas, and water supply will be destroyed. We also saw a plague of locust-like creatures that will torment all the ungodly of the earth. We saw the plague of demonic military horsemen which will kill 1/3 of the population of the earth.

 We saw the end come in the seven bowl judgments. These were the final judgments that end world history. We saw an ulcerous sore that will infect the human race. We saw the total population of the sea and fresh water supply of the earth and the death of all sea life. We saw the sun’s rays hit the earth with a scorching heat, and then a pitch-black darkness will strike the earth. Then we saw the most massive military buildup and the largest army ever witnessed by the earth will be launched by the Antichrist.

 We saw that the Antichrist and his massive army will be destroyed in one moment’s time at the last battle of human history, Armageddon.

 We saw the Lord Jesus Christ will usher in the Millennium, a period of 1,000 years when He will rule and reign upon the earth.

 We saw that the Lord Jesus Christ will destroy Satan and the present heaven and earth and judge the dead at the great white throne judgment of God.

 And finally, we saw that the Lord Jesus Christ will create a new heaven and earth. And we saw the New Jerusalem, the capital of the new heavens and earth and the eternal rule and reign of believers with Jesus Christ.

This is what we have seen after 24 months of study and __41__ separate studies.

Now the point to all this is that God has revealed to us what is important to Him. God wants man to know what lies ahead so that man can prepare himself. He has warned us of the terrible things to come but He has also given us hope.

There is a better world coming, a perfect world. So as the Lord closes out the book of Revelation, everything He says has to do with the overall message of the book. The message of Revelation is so important that the Lord takes the time and space to talk about the message of Revelation itself. There are 11 facts given in this last chapter. Did you find them? Let’s see if you did.

READ 6. FACT 1 – the message of Revelation is trustworthy and true. It can be trusted. It’s not a lie. It’s not a message created by the imagination of men. The message is from the same Lord God that inspired the prophets of old. It’s not a matter of whether the message is trustworthy or true. It’s a matter of belief. We either believe it came from God or we don’t.

But whatever our decision is, we had better listen to what He has to say in the remaining points of this passage. Failure to do so could doom us for eternity.

The second fact is found in verse 7. READ. The message of Revelation will bring a blessing to the person who studies and obeys the prophecies of the book. How are we blessed?

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