Summary: People of every generation blurt out the same question, “Who are you, Jesus?” Well, Jesus answers that question.

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Tonight we continue with Jesus’ discussion with the Pharisees.

READ v. 25. Man asks a very basic question. Now Jesus had just made a phenomenal claim that He was the Light of the world. Of course, His claim shocked the Pharisees as well as others.

And when you recap what Jesus had told these guys, it’s pretty clear why they didn’t understand or believe what He had said.

• Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness. (v. 12)

• I am not alone, I stand with the father who sent me. (v. 16)

• You do not know me or my father. (v. 19)

• I am from above and you are of this world. (v. 23))

• If you do not believe that I am the one I claim to be, then you will indeed die in your sins. (v. 24)

So with all these claims that Jesus has made, we find that people of every generation blurt out the same question, “Who are you?” Well, Jesus answers that question. He says:

• I am just who I claim to be.

• I am who I have claimed to be from the very beginning.

The Greek text of Jesus’ words in v. 25 is difficult to translate and so it has been translated in various ways. How does your translation say what Jesus said.

READ v. 26-27. It’s hard for man to grasp that Jesus is God’s Spokesman and Judge. Jesus was the One who brought the message of God to the world.

1. He claimed to be God’s Spokesman to the world when He said, “What I have heard from him I will tell the world.”

And what Jesus was speaking of was what He had heard from God. His message, His words, were given Him by God.

Jesus was sent by God to speak the God’s words. He was on earth for the very special mission of proclaiming the message of God. Again, He came from the very presence of God and it was God Himself who appointed and sent Jesus into the world. Jesus said that God’s message is reliable. It’s not false, or evil. Man can trust it and depend on it.

We need to note also that Jesus was sent to the whole world. This means at least two things: His message was for the whole world, and His message was the only message for the world.

2. Jesus claimed to be the Judge of the world. As the Spokesman of God, He had the duty not only to say many things, but to judge many things. His first mission to earth was to proclaim the message of salvation. His second mission to earth will be to judge men.

Note that man didn’t understand and he still doesn’t understand that Jesus is God’s Spokesman and Judge.

READ v. 28. So at this point, and we still see evidence of it today, man doesn’t grasp that Jesus is the Son of Man. He is the One who was to be lifted up. The point of His claim is that He was making reference to the cross and the exaltation of Jesus.

We also see in v. 28 another of Jesus’ “I AM” statements. Some just don’t grasp that Jesus is the great “I am,” the Son of God. Note that it was His being lifted up—the cross and the resurrection and the ascension—that was to convince men that He is the great “I AM.”

And when we think about the cross, the resurrection, and the ascension, we can see that it is convincing of who Jesus is.

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