Summary: We look at the fruit of faithfulness and see how this characteristic of God becomes a powerful witness to the fact that God is real and He is in us.

Introductory Considerations

1. Few years ago held special service to try and reach those outside the church. One of highlights was this song. Words come from a person outside church looking for something.

Ev’ry night I say a prayer,

In the hopes that there’s a Heaven,

But ev’ry day I’m more confused,

As saints turn into sinners,

All the heroes and legends I knew as a child,

Have fallen to idols of clay,

And I feel this empty place inside,

So afraid that I’ve lost my faith,

Show me the way show me the way,

Take me to the river,

And wash my illusions away,

Please show me the way.

VS 2.

And as I slowly drift to sleep,

For a moment dreams are sacred,

I close my eyes and know there’s peace,

In a world so filled with hatred,

Then I wake up each morning,

And turn on the news to find,

We’ve so far to go,

And I keep on hoping for a sign,

So afraid I just won’t know,

Show me the way show me the way,

Bring me tonight to the mountain,

And take my confusion away,

And show me the way.

2. Like many person looking for something or someone to believe in. Someone who can be trusted. Someone they can depend on. Someone who is faithful.

3. Talks how we have lost hope for all we trusted in has proven to be unfaithful.

4, Whether it is a spouse, a parent or a child, a friend, a boss, or even God Himself, we above all want to find some one who will be faithful to us


1. This evening we consider the fruit of faithfulness - what it means to have a faithful God, how we to can be faithful. Also, how we can cultivate this fruit and why it is important for us to be faithful.

2. First - we have a faithful God.

a. Means that He does not change, that He keeps His promises and that we can trust Him in all things. Psa 33:4 For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does.

b. God faithful to Himself, His way or purpose. Psalmist says "His ways are faithful.

c. Does not deviate because of circumstances. This means that God’s ways and His actions are dependent upon Himself.In 2 Tim 2:13 , Paul says that God will or must remain faithful for he cannot deny Himself.

d. Psa 18:25. Yet 2 Tim 2:13.. God faithful to His ways and His people. Timothy speaking to believers (not to those who disown Him). We at times are not faithful, yet if called by Him, He will work out purposes.

e. See in O.T., when His people not faithful, He led them into hands of enemies. God may not have seemed faithful but He was to bring them back to Him.

3. Psalm 89 (responsive reading)tells us much about His faithfulness.

a. It is the very being of God to be faithful. (v. 8)

b. His faithfulness gives direction to how He acts and deals with us. (v. 14)

c. It is in the heavens and not subject to changes as they occur in the world. (v. 2)

d. His faithfulness is active, reaching into the affairs of mankind.

e. He is faithful to His covenant promise which has been given to us so we can testify of them (vv. 3, 5)

f. As said, God even faithful when we are not (v. 30-33)

g. His chastening does not disprove His faithfulness but confirms it. (v. 33). Psa 119:75

4. When He says that He will give live to those who trust in Him He will do it and that the wicked will perish that will happen as well.

5. His faithfulness is the basis of faith. It means that our trusting in Him will not depend on circumstances or other factors, for no matter what happens we know He will work things out for our good. Isa 54:10 .

6. How do we respond to God’s faithfulness? Important to believe God is faithful. If not - then we have no peace or hope. So we place trust in Him.

7. We are also called to be faithful and this is hard for us to do. Prov 20:6.

8.Faithfulness important. Mat 23:23

9. How can we be faithful?

10. First - called to remain faithful to God, to depend on Him and Him alone. We are faithful to God by being faithful to what He has entrusted to Him. - Mat 24:45 (Answer - he who feeds fellow servants and treats them well)

a. 1 Cor 4:1-2

b, God has entrusted mystery of kingdom to us and we are to share it with others. As church are we faithful to what God has given us.

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