Summary: Jesus spells out how to receive God's blessings.

Luke 14:1, 7 – 14 / How To Be Blessed

Intro: The story is told of 2 men who were interviewing for the same job. They were equally qualified for the position so the potential employer decided to invite each to dinner on separate occasions. The 2 dinners went well and enabled the employer to make her decision. When the 1st man did not get the position he asked the employer why he was not chosen. She responded, “When your food came to the table, you seasoned the food without tasting it first and I felt you would make similar assumptions with your work.

I. There are certain “dos” and “don’ts” to be observed in all types of social situations. Vs. 1 – home of a prominent Pharisee is the equivalent of having dinner at the White House.

A. Virginia had been extended that honor. --- sit where placed. (Place cards) more important people sit closer to the President & 1st lady.

B. Though there are no place cards at this meal the etiquette is still the same – most important sat closest to the host. – The place of honor is found closest to the host.

C. Jesus is not coaching the guests on proper etiquette – humility cannot be faked as a strategy for recognition. – Jesus addresses 2 individuals.

II. 1st is the guest – Verse 7. Those who seek after honor and recognition \ social climbers.

A. When you are invited – Verses 8 & 9 – no term of respect used here – “Give this man your seat.” – “Get down there where you belong! --- Who do you think you are? --- What do you think you are doing?”

B. Verse 10 – term of endearment – FRIEND – My friend, Jean’s wedding – sitting in back. --- “Why are you sitting here?” – “You are supposed to be with the family.”

C. Verse 11 – application for the eschatological banquet.

III. 2nd address to the host – Verses 12 – 14

A. One of my favorites – FRAZIER – social climbers – invite the “right” people. Who are the “right people”

B. Do NOT invite - Verse 12 –WHO DOES THAT LEAVE? You invite someone to your home so they will invite you to theirs.

C. DO INVITE – Verse 13 – WHO WANTS TO INVITE THEM? – doing so leads to blessings.

Conclu: Jesus is not just giving a lesson in etiquette! --- He is teaching about setting priorities. – We must be always focused on the kingdom of God and not ourselves; on God’s children and not ourselves; on God’s church and not ourselves. WHY? – Verse 14. – the place of honor is near to the heart of God.

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