Summary: A Ministry of Greatness is a ministry that is Christ-centered and sanctioned on the eternal truths of God’s Word.

Ephesians 2:8-2:10

Believing God and belonging to God sets you up for some

incredible/astounding/remarkable/amazing blessings. In a real sense, if you desire to live a life that has purpose/intention/reason and point—I want to share with you that that goal is NOT achievable nor attainable apart from a real/genuine/vibrant/authentic relationship with Almighty God. God is the Creator OF life and therefore it is only God Who can give meaning TO life.

Belief in God and belonging to God gives one the opportunity to reject/discard/rebuff a life of thoughtlessness/aimlessness and pointlessness and to accept/apply and appropriate an existential experience that is filled with blessings/miracles/serendipities and joy.

And yet I must sadly/regrettably report that while all of these joys are a present possibility—there are tragically many who name the name of Christ who are living beneath their God-appointed opportunity and God-given privilege. That many may attend worship and participate regularly in religious activities and even engage in routines of religious ritual and duty yet they are living beneath their tremendous threshold of power afforded to them by virtue of their relationship with Christ. They live beneath this amazing benefit NOT because they lack material means/education/social status—because there are multitudes of people who have material means/social status and position—but still live beneath their right and privilege in Christ because they are living lives without purpose, point, reason and intention. They are unaware of the cause for which they have been created/the purpose for which they have been produced/the future for which they have been founded and fashioned.

And that is why at the very clause of this message it is important/essential to your understanding that in order to live an amazing life and have an amazing ministry/church/fellowship/family/environment—it has much to do with you knowing your purpose in life. For far to many of us life is just a series of days that turn into weeks; weeks that turn into months; months that turn into years.

Life is just a passé process of:

setting goals and trying to meet them;

establishing appointments and trying to keep them;

going to a job and trying to do it;

getting a check and trying to manage it;

making bills and trying to pay them;

while logging days and trying to enjoy them.

And while all of these are laudable and certainly commendable aspirations—it is still possible to do all of that and yet not grasp or understand your purpose in life.

• I was at a funeral very recently where the one who had passed on was given a great homegoing celebration and how it was commented, one by one, how she took people in and everybody knew her as one who would take them in, lift them up, raise them up, dust them off and build them up. Some of those people to which she took into her own home because celebrities/some became successful in their fields/some just became good parents and leaders in the community and their church/others didn’t really become much of anything noteworthy at all. But if I had the opportunity/occasion/chance to bring her back for a brief period of time—I guarantee you that she would not have traded in her eulogy and the people she touched for a BMW/Mercedes Benz/Rolex/24’s/House in River Oaks/Fresh Clothes/Shopping Spree… For the best eulogy you could ever give yourself when you pass on is moving in your purpose while you yet live.

Belief in God and belonging to God should change your life to the extend that it changes your family and your environment/others around—and to the extent that it changes your church. Because God wants every single one of us to know/understand/comprehend/live out our God-given purpose. God wants our:

- Moments to be meaningful

- Our days to be dynamic

- Our weeks to be wonderful works of amazing grace

God wants and desires for us to live such incredible and amazing lives in an amazing ministry that people will be won by our witness, persuaded by our presence in their hemisphere and blown away by our blessings. And I am a witness that God is able to do such a work in your life and in your church that not only will it amaze OTHERS—it will amaze YOU!!! And have YOU saying “I am living an amazing life and I am a part of an AMAZING ministry!” I can’t believe I get to enjoy this blessing/miracle/favor/good thing/great thing/blessed thing/best thing in my life. I can’t believe I get to:

- Enjoy this kind of blessing

- Walk in this kind of miracle

- Live in this kind of favor

- Experience this level of anointing

No love like this/peace like this/joy like this/confidence like this. I can’t believe I am a part of an amazing ministry where I get to worship like this/live like this/rise like this/ride like this/pray like this/praise like this/enjoy my life like this!!!

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