Summary: This passage begins the High Priestly Prayer of Jesus. Jesus’ time had come. His death on the cross was quickly upon Him. So we will see that in the passage that Jesus asked for only two things. He asked that He may glorify the Father in what was about

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Tonight’s passage begins the High Priestly Prayer of Jesus. Jesus’ time had come. His death on the cross was quickly upon Him. So we will see that in our passage this evening Jesus asked for only two things.

1. He asked that He may glorify the Father in what was about to happen.

2. And that God would restore His Son to His former glory.

READ v. 1. As I just said, Jesus knows that His time has come. This refers to His death. Note that Jesus looked toward heaven and called God “Father.” He was claiming to know God intimately. He was once again claiming to be the very Son of God. Jesus makes two requests in this passage for Himself. Here in v. 1 and the second request in verse 5. We’ll get to verse 5 in a minute.

READ 1-4. The first thing that Jesus asked was, “Father…glorify your Son.” And then He quickly adds, “That your Son may glorify You.” The whole purpose for God’s sending Jesus to earth was to give eternal life to us. So if the question is asked, “How is God glorified in Jesus’ death? And How is Jesus glorified in it all?, the answer is “by us receiving eternal life.” So both God’s glory and Jesus’ glory are found in the completion of the great work of salvation. Several aspects of this glory can be seen.

• First, there is the glory of righteousness which Jesus secured by a perfect life. In other words, He set the example for us to follow. If we follow Jesus’ example and accept Him as personal Savior and as our Mediator before God, then we will be counted as righteous.

• Then there is the glory of the cross itself and what it stands for.

• Of course the glory of Jesus’ resurrection which vindicates beyond question His Messiahship.

• Also, the glory of Christ’s ascension and exaltation which is yet to come in our study.

All of this is summed up in the glory of man’s salvation, in us receiving eternal life.

Now let’s note three things about Jesus’ request to be glorified.

1. How is Jesus glorified? Jesus is glorified by God’s giving Him the power and authority over all people. READ John 5: 24-27.

[ Jesus was the Perfect and Ideal Man because He was perfectly obedient to God, even in dying. His righteousness and death could stand for every person’s righteousness and death. We just have to believe that Jesus’ death covers us. The cross was the means of that death so the cross glorifies Jesus as the Son of Man.

a. Jesus was now ready to make the final sacrifice for man, and He was ready to pay the supreme price to bring about the greatest event in all history: the salvation of man. The cross attracts and stirs men to give themselves to Jesus and to honor and praise Him. It’s in the cross that men find their salvation so the cross is the glory of Jesus.

b. Jesus was now ready to triumph over Satan by breaking Satan’s power over death and over the souls of men. He triumphed over the rulers, and authorities, and principalities, and powers. And He did it all on the cross.

- He destroyed the devil’s work.

- He broke the power and fear of Satan over lives and death.

So there’s glory in the triumph and victory over Satan, especially over one so powerful and influential as Satan. Yes, the cross truly is the glory of Christ.

c. Jesus demonstrated what perfect sacrifice and self-denial, courage and strength, love and compassion really are when He died on the cross. So all this clearly shows the Son of Man’s glory.]

2. The reason Jesus was exalted is the most wonderful news for us. He was exalted and glorified so that He could give eternal life to men. And going hand in hand with this, (and we talked about this 2 weeks ago in our study of the HS), God gives Jesus the persons who are to receive eternal life. We have to be moved upon by the drawing power of God (HS) in order to receive eternal life. That’s why Jesus said, READ John 6:44.

3. Jesus states why He is now ready to be glorified. He had completed the work God had given him to do. In doing the work God had given Him to do, He had glorified God on earth.

And continuing with that thought, it’s no different for us. The only way we can glorify God on earth is to do what God says. If a person wants to glorify God, they will obey God.

READ 5-8. In verse 5 we see the second thing that Jesus asked for Himself and that was to be restored to His former glory. Remember, before Jesus came to earth, He lived with God in the beautiful realms of heaven. That was His preexistent, eternal state and glory with God.

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