Summary: We must move from knowing about Jesus to knowing Jesus.

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Matthew 15: 21 - 28 / Lord, Son of David

Intro: With fast food, faxes, instant messaging, email, microwaves and the like, we are not accustomed to waiting. ---- Wait! That horrible four-letter word / put on hold and you hear music, it is not a good sign / press 1 for English, press 2 for directory, press 3 to leave a message / don’t hang up – your call will be answered in 10 minutes.

I. I had purchased a new car and was having problems with the Service-Engine-Soon light. Called – on hold for 20 minutes – put the phone down, got in my car and drove to the dealership.

A. I hate being put on hold. When someone asks, “Can I put you on hold?” I usually answer, “No!” Is it just me or do you seem to be spending more and more time waiting?

B. Psalm 27: 14 says “wait on the Lord” – but I don’t want to wait. I want answers to my prayers right now! Patience is not a virtue it is a pain! Maybe we hate to wait because we feel we are being ignored or forgotten.

C. So, what do you do when you have to wait on God? When God puts you on hold, what do you do?

II. Vs. 22 – “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me! – Name dropper

A. This Canaanite woman is not Jewish believer. But she uses a name for Jesus that is typically Jewish in origin. Lord, Son of David.

B. The Canaanites were the enemies of the Jews. She uses a title for the Messiah. Gentile people generally did not have that kind of knowledge or belief.

C. An attempt to “flatter” Jesus / Of course none of us have ever buttered someone up to get what we wanted, right? Is this the case or does the woman really believe Jesus was the LORD – the Promised Son of David?

III. Her plea is met with silence from Jesus . . . Not a word is spoken. – Jesus puts her on Hold. – Is this a test of the woman’s motives?

A. Tests are not always pleasant to the ones being tested. (Passing the Test by Ryan Johnson – – Guy taking a class in ornithology, the study of birds – test was 25 pictures of birds’ feet – identify the bird by its feet. / Take it or fail. / Fail – Tell me your name! / rolled up pants to knees and said, “You tell me.”

B. Vs. 25 – “Woman came and knelt before him. Lord, help me.” – She uses the Greek word KURIOS = SIR, MASTER, LORD. She humbled herself finally confessing Jesus in a personal way. Jesus is no longer an impersonal title; but, has become a personal savior.

C. Vs 28 – “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.” This woman understood who Jesus was by falling on her knees and worshiping Him through an act of faith. Her patience and persistence were rewarded.

Conclu: “We do not come to Jesus through a Jewish door, a Baptist door, a Methodist door or even a Presbyterian door. We come to Jesus through the sinner’s door. --- this woman was confessing her total dependence upon God. --- Have there been times when you have placed certain conditions on how you want God to meet your needs? --- Many folks miss out on God’s blessings because they don’t want to be humble and want things their way. Unlike this woman who said in essence, “Lord you can call me what you want, you can place me anywhere at the table you please, you can put me on the table or under the table with the dogs; but, I’m hanging on for a blessing. I’ll take the crumbs if necessary; but, I’m depending on you. “

When you have to wait for the answer, keep your eyes upon Jesus and your faith in God.

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